If you haven’t been to Northern Spain, you don’t know what you’re missing. Northern Spain is fantastic and a world apart from the crowds of Andalusia in the south. While Spain’s large and well-known cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla are well worth visiting, you cannot get a real feel for Spain until you visit its beautiful and charming Northern regions. These are great cities, but are they my favorite cities in Spain? Nope! Not even close.

Let’s go to the beach🏄🏻 but you need to take a (little) bit of a walk to reach the ocean waves 🙃

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While I loved the endless beaches and coastlines, the medieval villages and historic centres in towns and cities, vine valleys were also a highlight of my first Northern Spain visit. Given its staggering diversity, it was hard to find reasons not to go to northern Spain.

I had never heard of any of the villages and towns before I took this trip. I think most of foreigners also Spaniards don’t even know much about these places. I think northern Spain is really under-appreciated and overlooked.

Northern Spain, also known as Green Spain

The northern provinces include some of the country’s most historic places: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Pais Vasco (Basque Country).

With wonderful villages and historic centers next to the coast and with unbelievable history and nature’s beauty in the region, also known as Green Spain offers the best side of Spain.

Unlike southern Spain, where good, unspoilt beaches are at a premium, along the northern coast you’ll find endless stretches of long sandy ones, many of them hidden down coastal valleys. And inland, you’ll be seduced by sweet countryside – small villages with traditional farms on green rolling hills flanked by mist-covered mountains.

Take a perfect Northern Spain road trip

Let’s go to the beach🏄🏻 but you need to take a (little) bit of a walk to reach the ocean waves 🙃

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If you want to go to Spain and try something a little different, head north, not south. Take a perfect northern Spain road trip which offers some of the most scenic drives in all Spain. Start at the eastern border with France and ends all the way on the western border where Spain meets Portugal. This epic driving adventure takes you through cool Spanish cities, historic villages, soaring mountains, dramatic coastline with fantastic hotels, gastronomy and very good value for money. Marvel at the lesser visited Gaudí buildings outside of Barcelona.

The region also known  also great wine country has the best food, wine, and landscapes on the entire Iberian Peninsula.

I hope my photos inspire a little spark in all of you to want to visit one of these places in the future. You can also view the latest northern Spain photos on my Instagram page: @remgok

Go now, and discover them before everyone else does.

My notes about the trip (in Turkish)


  1. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
  2. Guernica
  3. San Sebastian
  4. Pamplona
  5. La Rioja
  6. Cave of Altamira
  7. El Capricho – Comillas
  8. Santander
  9. Suances
  10. San Vicente de la Barquera
  11. Lastres
  12. Los Picos de Europa
  13. Bufones de Pria
  14. Oviedo
  15. Llanes
  16. Castro Urdiales
  17. Gijon
  18. Mirador el Fitu
  19. Ribadesella
  20. Playa de Gulpiyuri
  21. Guggenheim Bilbao
  22. Bilbao

My road trip in Northern Spain

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