Madrid is the capital city of Spain, but also the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madrid. This includes the suburbs of Madrid, but also a number of interesting places that make a good day trip on a visit to Madrid.

Madrid has its share of beautiful buildings. Every culture vulture will have a hard time choosing between the numerous cultural offerings the city boasts. For those less concerned with culture, it’s good to know that food features highly on the city’s agenda. In addition to traditional dishes and tapas, there are an increasing number of restaurants offering international cuisine. Even though there is hardly any water nearby, excellent fish dishes are served in all high quality restaurants. MadrileƱos are a lively, fashionable bunch, making the lively atmosphere in town different of that of any other Spanish city.

The people from Madrid are nicknamed “Gatos” (cats) due to their custom of staying out drinking until the early hours. They just love a good party and roaming the streets going from bar to bar, or from club to club, not returning home before sunrise.

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